Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mt. Dora Bicycle Festival

I've been wanting to go to this festival for over 6 years and counting, and there was never quite the right time. So this year we decided to make the commitment and so come October 9th, we hit the road with great enthusiasm.

This event totally exceeded our expectations, there is just something really powerful about descending upon a place where hundreds of fellow riders converge. You feel like you belong and the anticipation of long, enjoyable rides is simply overwhelming.

So we wake up really early and ride the 2 and half miles from our hotel to the center of town and as any fellow rider can attest, there is a very cool feeling about riding in a place where you have never been before. Everything looks and feel different and you simply have no idea of what lies ahead but can't wait to travel the miles on your own power to find out.

We arrive in the middle of town with a few minutes to spare before our ride 50 mile ride to the Yalaha Bakery out in Yalaha, Florida. The scene of hundreds of cyclists on super cool bikes, we are ready to join them and ride out to some place we've never been before.

The rides were simply flawless, clearly marked and easy to follow on beautiful country roads and rolling hills with a couple of challenging hills to tackle, life got better by the mile.

The organizers and volunteers are simply the best, great demeanor and always, always, always willing to help and inform. The residents of Lake and Orange County are the most respectful, patient and courteous motorists I have ever encountered.

There are over 10 rides that cover distances from 100 miles to just a couple of miles, so everyone can find a ride to match their abilities and desires. This festival is simply a must for any bicycle enthusiast and must be done many many many times over.

As for me... I am a fan and will definitely return every year.